Vent Mount MagSafe

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This for phone, specially designed for the air vent of your vehicle. Thanks to MagSafe magnets, your phone will stay securely in place throughout your journeys, allowing you to drive with peace of mind, hands-free.

Forget bulky and unattractive holders, our elegant design fits perfectly into the interior of your car. You'll enjoy convenient and safe driving, with your phone within sight, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

The difference between models


The Defender is the ultimate case for maximum protection. Featuring a multi-layered design, it provides robust defense against bumps, drops and impacts. Covers protect the ports against dirt and dust, ensuring complete security in harsh conditions.

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The Symmetry combines elegance and protection in a slim design. Its dual-density construction absorbs shock, while its slim, sleek profile remains easy to slip into your pocket. Perfect for those looking for reliable protection without compromising style.

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The Commuter offers solid protection in a slimmer format. With internal and external shock-absorbing layers, it is ideal for those who want reliable defense without adding bulk. Beveled edges make ports easy to access and provide non-slip grip.

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