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AirPods 3rd Generation with MagSafe Case

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Lightweight and with contoured contours, AirPods sit at an angle that directs sound optimally while providing impeccable comfort.

Their stem is 33% shorter than on the 2nd generation models and incorporates a pressure sensor allowing you to control music and calls with ease. Enjoy an immersive, three-dimensional audio experience that immerses you in the heart of your favorite content – ​​music, TV series or films. The gyroscopes and accelerometers built into AirPods work together to track your head movements and transport you to the heart of the music and the action. The music is automatically calibrated to the shape of your ears. Inward-facing microphones capture sound as you hear it, then adjust the low and mid frequencies to deliver your songs in all their richness. The 3rd generation AirPods offer 1 hour more battery life than their predecessors, up to 6 hours of listening time and 4 hours of talk time. A 5 minute charge provides approximately 1 hour of listening or talk time. And with the MagSafe Charging Case, listening time is up to 30 hours, and the battery recharges using MagSafe chargers and compatible wireless equivalents. The AirPods and MagSafe Charging Case have an IPX4 water resistance rating. They therefore fear neither rain nor rigorous training.